Orchid Cosmetics by Miss Thani is a premium makeup & cosmetics line founded by award-winning aesthetician and makeup artist, Miss Thani.

Originally from Surat Thani, Thailand, Miss Thani moved to North America at the young age of 8. Intrigued by the culture of fashion and beauty, she made the decision to make a career out what she loves the most. Under the name of Surat Thani (the name of her birth city, eventually nicknamed to “Miss Thani”), she set out to pursue her dreams as well to represent her homeland in a positive professional way.

After years of a successful career as a professional makeup artist, Miss Thani decided to make her mark in the industry by launching her own line of cosmetics, naming after her country’s national flower, the Orchid.


Orchid Cosmetics by Miss Thani is a premium line of cosmetics manufactured in Canada. We use natural products and all of our products are non-animal tested.

Orchid Cosmetics by Miss Thani wants to provide every face with the best selection in healthy vibrant and radiant cosmetics for your makeup artistry.

Along with premium products, Miss Thani is also available for cosmetic consultation via our Contact Page.


Orchid Cosmetics by Miss Thani compares with the best and most popular cosmetic brands in North America today. Our products are considered premium products.


Our team of makeup specialists and models endorse Orchid Cosmetics by Miss Thani fully because of the amount of care that goes into the design and creation of each and and every product.